Must Have Items- AED students

Assalamualaikum everyone!

              So first of all, this is all the items i use for foundation of architecture and environmental design in CFS IIUM Gambang for a year. When i first entered there, our studio mater memang ada bagi list untuk beli kesemua bahan that we need for Graphic Communication subject. its one the core subject in AED. so i just want to share what item u can buy that have both affordable price and quality. may not be the best quality, because ada lagi yg mahal punya, if kaya takpe. total up everything rm 600+. 

SET SQUARE. memang kotor jadi sebab bergesel dgn pensil or pen while melukis. some of my friends take inisiatif utk lekatkan duit syiling utk elakkan smudges, but i dont prefer that (idk why).

GRADE PENCILS. we are going to use it A LOT. but some people just malas nak tukar2 grade but studio master will advice u to use different grade for different type of line. it called line weight. as for me, i used it jimatly, so habis satu tahun pun masih boleh pakai. some of students waktu sem 1 pun dah kena beli baru, depend on how you use that.

FOAM CUTTER. actually use it for sem 3, Environmental Design subject. some may not use it, because its optional. but for me, this cutter really help a lot to cut curve edges.. memandangkan i am not so cermat.

TECHNICAL PENS. i have to say that this pens are REALLY TROUBLESOME. it is so SENSITIVE LIKE A GIRL. mine banyak yg takleh pakai. most of us memang ada masalah technical pen yang rosak. we have done quite some possible solution (rendam dalam air panas or bukak tulang-tulang pen) but still. ada yang lucky enough akan berjaya pakai balik and tak rosak langsung. these lucky person selalunya sikit je. these pens will be use on tracing paper (u have to be extra careful when tracing, avoid smudges even a little)

but we manusia tak sempuna kan? sometimes we cant help from making smudges  lol. i would advice you to buy this or razor blade. but i use RAZOR BLADE last time utk kikis smudges on tracing paper. there is no pemadam utk tracing paper, the only way is kikis the ink out from paper.

GLUE, DOUBLE TAPE & CUTTER. all for ED subject. ED is basically implied all of GC stuff and plus you have to build a model. BE CAREFUL. injury is very likely to happen. been there done that and trauma HAHA. to cut the boards, u have to use CUTTING MAT so lantai tak rosak.

COLOURING MEDIUMS. these brand is good for me. well, i am not so knowledgeable about what colouring brand is the best, but this one really work well je. i heard from my friend that the best item but priceyy one are like PRISMA for colur pencil and COPIC for markers. for those who fan over the colouring items, that brand that i mention are goals.

WATERCOLOR.  pastikan picit sikit je when painting so you can have it for long. 

this is SCALE RULER. u will alwaysss use this for ED. either for drawing or making model. nanti your studio master will teach how to use it.

FRENCH CURVE. to be honest i dont use it much. only for a task in GC subject. but you may use it to lukis your design yang melibatkan curve. as for me, i like to avoid my design from having curve sebab agak susah utk bina model. however if you are ambitious enough, why not? GO GO ! actually design with curves are the best.

STEEL RULER. this one is penting utk kerja memotong. so that your boards will stay still on its place when u place it on board. mine is medium size i think. 

not in the picture: BUTTER PAPER
Image result for BUTTER PAPER

(img source: google) kertas ni memang kena banyak pakai for design process workbook, to lakar-lakar the ideas and so on. avaible in A3 size or A1 roll.

as for GC or when u are making presentation board for ED, you will use CARTRIDGE PAPER or u may know is as DRAWING BLOCK.

basically, those that i mention are basic things you must have, ada lagi yang lain but yang tu depend on task. u may use dawai or tali or lidi to build the model. depending on task. 

I hope it helps u to have an idea for the items that you will use later. As for degree, i am not sure will still use them or pakai autocad semata-mata, so first ask the lecturer? as for the time being i am not in degree yet. 

Anyway, goodluck and jangan mudah putus asa okey. just to let you know, sleepless nights are common thing. you will get used. jimat-jimat duit. have faith! 

TIM. :)


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