" Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this patty pace from day to day," as quoted by William Shakespear, describes tomorrow a continuous  stream of days which comes and goes and a certain pace. How many of you had ever wondered for a brief moment about the significance or the importance of tomorrow? Why is our lives separated by days and there will be tomorrow? How far is tomorrow? As a being so tiny inhabiting a tiny planet in a vast universe, does it actually matter? our lives have been occupied by many yesterdays and we often ponder about them, The same goes for the days yet to come, However, many have also had their minds overflowed by questions left unanswered and unattended about what will happen tomorrow.

                 Infants for instance, may never have any problems regarding the topic of tomorrow. To them, everyday is the same. Tomorrow may never alter the fact that life will never change any sooner or later, as they have no clue of what was going around. Toddlers, on the other hand, are able to grasp the meaning of tomorrow. Despite this, most of them are not worried about the surprise of tomorrow. Children in general are aware of tomorrow and fear of the consequences which lies ahead of them. Teenagers also fear of tomorrow as on unexpected zit or a village of ache which may invade their faces tomorrow. Some lazy teenagers may be glad of tomorrow as the present had been enough work for them or they may procrastinate for the sake of tomorrow. From the perspective of adults, tomorrow can either be a bed of roses or a mystery. Battling with life, what will tomorrow have in hand for them? As for the elderly, tomorrow could be a possible last day of living. People of all ages may have issues with tomorrow and take different measures and steps to approach tomorrow.

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                Recently, a well-liked comedian, Robin Williams took his own life and was known to have depression. How can such a have-it-all person commit suicide? Williams was 63 and lived his whole life carving smiles on other’s ace while deep inside him, his heart and mind was tormenting. This issue has passed a question in our minds, “If a person like him could do it, what would happen to us?” Suicidal is unevitable and hard to prevent. In general, worrying too much is the trigger to suicide. Worrying about what will happen tomorrow is seriously a big deal. Truth be told, nobody will ever know what will happen tomorrow. Mathematics and Science may have a precise explanation to how tomorrow can happen but never in a million years of researchers will ever figure out why and what tomorrow can bring. Prepare a positive mindset and brace yourself for tomorrow is the furthest we can go to create a foundation for tomorrow.

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                Furthermore, as there are many people living on Earth, the thought of tomorrow varies among them. For some, tomorrow could be a special day such as anniversary or a date. Tomorrow could also be a nightmare for people living in countries fighting wars. Anything could happen tomorrow. Everything that could go wrong would go wrong. For example, on the 16th of July 2014, 43 Malaysians were expecting to reach home tomorrow. A few could be excited too. Obviously, none of them would come to mind that tomorrow would be their last day. All of them vanished in the tragic flight crash, unexpectedly. In deduction, tomorrow is a blindfold and we are expected to walk around with the blindfold while hoping and praying that our safety is assured.

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                All in all, tomorrow is a mystery, a massive question mark. The events scheduled for tomorrow are unevitable and random. Therefore, we should cherish each day not as our last, but as a petty pace until it comes into a halt. Worry about tomorrow and never settle for today with the thought of everything is always enough. Be cautious of tomorrow. Most importantly, chase after tomorrow.

-Javer anak Jimbau, Second Term Exam,  August 2014.


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