starting over again

hi assalamualaikum earthlings. apa khabar wahai hati? hehe
today is the last day of 2015. page 365. and hours from now will be the whole new year.
alhamdulillah, this year is so amazing. with its challenges that never end. which i became a SPM's candidate this year. and unfortunately this year is the pioneer year for the whole KBAT. actually last year also get KBAT but this year they 're applying a lot to all type of questions. and clearly can be seen that the questions were really HOTS hot from the oven, wheuuu~ i pray that the examiners is light hearted person. amin..

and this year is the last year i become a student of secondary school. after 2 years of struggling really hard at the boarding school. yes, i spend 3 years at the school near my neighbourhood. then my result for PMR had been well and i decided to go to Sainsri. kilometers away from home. but you know i first underestimated that '2 YEARS'.only when i entered the school, i felt like 2 years is equal to 20 years there.  it was a pain in my heart to leave home, but i do that for good. 

i almost gave up on that school, because you know, the school has a lot of rules that a youngster may not adapt. it is totally different from what i can get here in my home town kinda school. day by day, we (the student) always hoping for home. to remember about it again make me smile, you know. i still can picturise our behaviour, all the naggings and blabberings. haha. i miss them, my batch, the living legends. that's our name.

now it's all over and i'm starting a new life. for now i gonna start with job hunting untill i can get one.
once again, i'll be away from home. i try not to be sad for it. huu you know, one of the bad things ever is when i start getting homesick. i pray i'll be not. 

before i pen off, i just want you to know, whatever the challenges that you may face, believe in Allah, as He is the author of our life. He will not burden us more than we can afford. always 'talk' to Him. He'll be listening.  

so that's for now, 
s i f a.


Stefanie Leona said…
Yerrrr hahahahaa 😙 tamat akhirnya

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