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Must Have Items- AED students

Assalamualaikum everyone!
              So first of all, this is all the items i use for foundation of architecture and environmental design in CFS IIUM Gambang for a year. When i first entered there, our studio mater memang ada bagi list untuk beli kesemua bahan that we need for Graphic Communication subject. its one the core subject in AED. so i just want to share what item u can buy that have both affordable price and quality. may not be the best quality, because ada lagi yg mahal punya, if kaya takpe. total up everything rm 600+. 

SET SQUARE. memang kotor jadi sebab bergesel dgn pensil or pen while melukis. some of my friends take inisiatif utk lekatkan duit syiling utk elakkan smudges, but i dont prefer that (idk why).

GRADE PENCILS. we are going to use it A LOT. but some people just malas nak tukar2 grade but studio master will advice u to use different grade for different type of line. it called line weight. as for me, i used it jimatly, so habis satu tahun pun masih boleh pak…

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